R&D Cost Capitalization, automated.

Mogara captures and categorizes capitalizable work by plugging directly into the developer workflow.

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Mogara helps you close your books faster

Integrate with tools your teams already use

We pull data from IDEs and code repositories, so you're not waiting for survey responses from the engineering team

Enable a fully automated process

Mogara is a modular platform. We meet you where you are today in your capitalization journey, and help you work toward a fully-automated process over time

Consistently reinforce capitalization standards

Configure the Mogara capitalization engine to auto-categorize capitalizable activity according to your specific accounting policies

How we automate your workflows

Tie R&D resources to projects
Identify capitalizable projects
Identify time windows of active work
Auto-categorize capitalizabile activity
Sync to accounting systems

Security & Privacy

We follow industry-standard practices for data security.
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